Fund raiser party preparation day

I will not continue to expend energy into this event for personal reasons.

I have a friend who is a DJ with all his own kit. could see if he might be interested.

perhaps a lick of paint on a couple of the buildings? do the paint companies here have a paint recycling/donation scheme?
i know in NZ one of the paint makers take all the leftovers and mis-tints ect mix them all up then donate it to NFP’s (ends up being a light grey)

Please add this info to trello so it can be tracked easier

The buildings actually just got painted, only white but it’s a lot better than it was. Still could do with something to make the walls less boring though!

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Someone tell me to shut up if i’m on the wrong track and my ideas just aren’t suitable for the space.
one thing i have done in the past when i needed a wall to look better than white was to ask for local graffiti artists to design something for the walls, then get the spray cans donated and let them do their thing.

you will often find that some of the high school aged artist will happily do it for free and have amazing talent.
if you make it a competition you get many designs to choose from.

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This has been discussed many times,
the problem is they loose interest going through the planning phase.

We need to get approval from the members and then the landlord,
and we can’t do that without some sort of concept artwork.

I have seen one concept piece awhile ago and the members asked for it to be changed,
haven’t seen the changes thus nothing happened.

I agree that approved concept artwork is needed for something like this. Otherwise we may end up with an eyesore.

Yeah we’ve been through this a few times, usually the artist loses interest and bails. I think the last one was proposing a hot pink crocodile on one wall, and then walked away when we said thats not really relevant to who we are. On the flip side we had graffiti in the old space on the internal wall and it was pretty average, so it lowered the tone rather than raised it. So there’s that to consider also.

If you know a graffiti artist who is keen and will actually stick to it and make it happen, we’re all ears.

Sadly all the artists I know are back in nz and actually doing quite well so probably out of budget

Ill try to see if I can get a hold of a guy who dose a wall near my place, forgot his name but well known.