Fwd: [reprap-dev] Participate in the Smoothie Contest and Win a Smoothieboard!

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From: “Arthur Wolf” wolf.arthur@gmail.com
Date: 16/01/2015 5:03 AM
Subject: [reprap-dev] Participate in the Smoothie Contest and Win a
Smoothieboard !
To: “reprap-dev” reprap-dev@reprap.org

Hello Reprap devs and hackers !!!

The Smoothie project is organizing a contest in which you have the
opportunity to participate in a great Open-Source project, and to win a

What’s a Smoothie ?

The Smoothie project’s objective is to design a controller board and
associated firmware, with the following goals : all Open-Source, simple to
use and configure, using powerful hardware, feature-rich, and

We want to showcase the fact that the Firmware is particularly easy to
contribute to and add things to, that’s why we are doing this contest.

How does the contest work ?

You enter the contest by presenting an idea for a project. The project idea
must involve the Smoothie firmware or board, and make the Smoothie project
better for everybody in some way. Note, you don’t need to actually do the
project to enter the contest, you just need your idea to be selected. Then
when the contest deadline is over ( February 15th 2015 ), we will choose 30
project ideas, and send one Smoothieboard 5XC to each selected project.
Then we expect everybody to actually use their Smoothieboard to implement
their project idea.

Where can I learn more ?

There is a website at http://smoothiecontest.org, with project ideas to
help inspire you, all of the contests’ rules, and a list of the contest
entries so far.

You can also email me directly at wolf.arthur@gmail.com if you have any

Cheers all, can’t wait to see what kind of stuff you’ll propose !

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