Games room & Chillout lounge

The room we were (under)using as a games room, while currently storage, will eventually become digifab. Last night we moved all the retro gaming setup out into the chillout lounge which has been pretty bare since covid.

We would love to retain all the gaming stuff, however it needs an owner. If this could be you, please put your hand up. To own this area it needs to go through a WAD process like the rest of the space:

  • Do all the consoles and peripherals work
  • Are they organised neatly in some kind of cabinet
  • Are they all connected to the tv, maybe with a switcher or similar so that anyone can come in, turn it on and start playing.

If you are keen to take this on, you will have pretty free reign over the chillout lounge, to set it up however makes sense for you. We want to retain the artwork and members projects, and maybe put in new, more cleanable furniture. Everything else will be up to the volunteer who does the work.

If noone has put their hand up to manage this by the end of February, we will look into donating or disposing all the gaming gear.

Heres a shot of the area from last night.


Just to add some detail to this: The Pinball and arcade machines belong to Lionel, but we have discussed removing the pinball machine as it’s not working.

The glass cabinet we use at Supanova as part of the display, it would be good to keep for that purpose.

The glass coffee table is pretty unique, and I feel that people would want to keep that?

The coffee table says hacker space. It is irreplaceable, and probably too expensive to get rid of.

I thought we already had sledgehammers? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, thats what I meant, but clarifications are always great :slight_smile:

Is the pinball machine repairable (obviously this is a Lionel question)?

And how do you add credits to the arcade machines?

This is me putting a tentative hand up for starting the work on organizing the room.

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Fantastic! Let us know if you need any help.

Currently my plan is to come into the space on Saturday to measure everything and come up with a plan. (A list of where everything is stored will be handy as well.)

I think the arcade machines are free to play, and Lionel did tell me what was wrong with the pinball machine but I didn’t write it down :frowning:

Just FYI, I’ve moved this into the Space Projects category for @Catprog to detail their plans and actions.

Thanks for taking it on!

Here is my first plan for people to comment on.

  • The CRT is retained for light gun games.
  • The LCD will swing out for the other games
  • Storage for games is under the CRT.
  • The pinball machine is retained only if a repair plan is made.

I like the art wall being brought front and center! I think this design really works to be a chillout space and keep showing off awesome things! Brilliant work Tim :smiley:

Would you want to keep the wood and chalkboard walls, and the carpet? I really think the carpet could go, I don’t know what’s under it, but maybe some lino or click-clack flooring would be better?

  • The chalkboard walls are sort of now behind the arcade and pinball machines. (so not much happens their)
  • I think the wood wall works as a secondary art display other then the main one.
  • I am thinking part of the new wall will be the blackboard to have a list of events.
    *Removing the carpet is a good idea.

I am also thinking about moving the glass cabinet back in the corner with the couch.

And hopefully I got my measurements right.

The first cull has been done.
The things that will not be staying are out in front of the square shelves.


Thanks for doing this work Timothy! We really appreciate It :slight_smile:

It’s looking great @Catprog! It will be awesome to have the hipster lounge back, and actually looking nice and organised.

This weeks plan.

Count the amount of ports needed and look for switchers.

Are early candidates.

Also to do is make a half wall to hide the cabling and provide the blackboard and new art wall.

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I have now measured the space for the new art wall.

It is 1.6m x 1.6m . Could I get someone who is handy with wood to schedule a time to assist me with a design for the wall?

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