Garden Barrel. (HDPE reshaping)

I have a plastic barrel that I plan to turn into a garden barrel.

Basically cut slots and then reshape the above so it points in.

Does anyone know how I can reshape HDPE in this way?

Yes with a heat gun just heat it up slowly so as not to burn it and use a
soaked rag to cool it down when you have bent it to the shape that you want

Does the space have a heat gun?

There’s at least 2 guns, for SMD reflow, not sure if that is enough heat.

Maybe you could try a hairdryer if you have one.

If you use the SMD heat guns, PLEASE let them cool down correctly before
unplugging them. The both have some way of letting them cool down via
running the fan for a set period. For memory one has a off switch on the
front panel and it runs for a bit longer, the other you place it in the

Anyway it extends the lifetime of the element letting them cool down

I don’t think a hairdryer would put out enough heat, but it doesn’t hurt to try…

My wife has one that can do serious damage. You just turn the heat up and fan down.