Gas Chromatograph and HPLCs in boneyard

The new equipment in the boneyard is a gas Chromatograph and a couple of complete HPLCs. If nobody wants them for their purpose then go for broke stripping them . The gas Chromatograph is a perfect smd oven and is gold plated. The HPLCs are full of stainless tubes and bits as well as high pressure pumps and valves and uv lights. Big stepper motors to be had also. They all worked last time I used then last decade. Eris.

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I’ll take them. Can offer a bit of money if necessary. Or donate a new die grinder to the metal shop for us all to use perhaps.

Money is always appreciated. If u want to use either machines for their original purpose I have also got columns and filters and gas regulators somewhere. I can give u pointers on how to set them up also, I have a university degree in analytical chemistry. Eris Ryan.