Gate between the menshed and Arrow Team Electric car building

I found the gate between the menshed and arrow Team open this morning.
A few minutes ago, a stranger was using the toilets.
I returned to the same gate and found it open again.
Anyway, I closed it, but I am wondering if the code is out in the open or if
someone just came in that way and did not close it on his way out?
Then, second observation, the lock for that gate does requires a little of tweeking
as the code wheels do not turn very well.
Do we have sewing machine oil for that or something which would work?
Maybe we should oil a bit all of them.

There is a music school in the two shipping containers outside that gate. They open the gate so they and students can use the bathroom.

Jacques did u ask this person to identify himself? Like paul said, maybe he was a member of menshed/arrow/music school.

For the locks we keep graphite powder, last time i saw it was floating around on the woodshop.
I’ll try to remember and put some TLC on it.
Does anybody would like to help with the needy lock?

Hi Paul, I did not know about the music school, that might have been one of these people, but that person was already out by the time I realized it.
Later when leaving, I checked all the gates and this is when I found it opened again.
I hope I did not close it too early, but there was no noise (music) when I left).

Thank you Ale.

Next I see Jamie from the music school I’ll get an idea what their hours are.

Thank you. Maybe we should have a simple system to know when we should keep the door open, maybe by just having a sign (Music Lessons in Progress, do not lock the Gate) when they want to keep it open, and then, they close it when they finish their music cessions and remove the sign.

I’m fairly sure they unlock and lock the gate as needed. Best if HSBNE doesn’t worry about it.

There’s been a few times where I’ve attended the site and it’s been unlocked with nobody on the premises.