Gate padlocks gone

Today I tried to get into the car gate by calling port security. Whoever last locked the gate with the silver padlock, surcumvented the port security lock. The security guy was told by his bosses that we can’t have our own access to that gate anyway, and our two locks were cut off (due to me not having any keys for them). If you lock out security, they will cut it off. As for other access, I will have to check with the landlord if there has been some miscomunication.

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How are we supposed to use the space if we can’t have our own access? It kinda makes it impossible to get anything in that won’t fit through the green door.

The automated gate is becoming more and more necessary. I’ll start looking at ways to automate a gate and reserve access for the security folks still. Would they be amenable to using their RFID cards to get through the car gate, or will we have to leave a padlock for them? I’ll work out costs for the components and bring it up at the next meeting.

The overall problem is that we need to keep the place locked up when we leave.
There has been a push to keep the place locked but there seems to be the handful of people who runs out and doesn’t lock the place up. This ultimately is undoing our good work as all the landlord is seeing presently is we can’t be trusted to lock up the place.

As such we need a BIG push to up the way we handle the locking up of the place, a simple place to start would be a A3 poster at the front door explaining the lockup procedure.