Gazza's Farmbot project (outdoor CNC) - large and bulky version 1

2nd lot of steel picked up this morning.
Construction continues

What exactly will the farm bot do?

How well will an end mill go in dirt? :slight_smile:

It will be my version of this… a long term project, mine will be much heavier duty and more structural. Mostly because i do things in a stupid way :slight_smile:
Know any good API coders @capella_ben ?

haha, that looks cool!

No-one codes as good as yourself. Python forever!

Picked up the bolts for the bearings on the FarmBot today. Could only afford Zinc plated. Wasn’t game to ask how much stainless were

Attempt number 2 at spray painting some of the Y axis linear components. Still getting lots of runs in the finish but the new spray gun I purchased allows much better control atleast… onwards we practice I guess

3rd attempt at spray painting some Y axis components. Much lighter application of the paint produces much better results run wise

Blame the runs on the humidity. :slight_smile:

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Learning how to print some of the header components last night. Lots of fun working out how STL files work and conversions to get the scale correct. Ending up importing components as a Mesh into fusion 360 so I could specify units before I loaded the STL file.