General Meeting 8/11/2022 8pm

Call for all members to attend.

We urgently need a Secretary to continue to operate. If you have time to give 1-4 hours a week to this role please reply below.

Key duties:

  • prepare agenda and post minutes of general meeting
  • collect mail from PO box
  • assist with correspondence
  • Maintain effective records and administration.
  • Uphold the legal requirements of governing documents

I cant understate the importance that this role be filled urgently.

Additional roles to fill

  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Project management
  • Safety officer
  • Apprentice to the secretary, and president treasurer
  • Marketing, social media, outreach
  • culture manager
  • Quartermaster
  • Charity officer
  • Infrastructure Manager

Not having these roles means that the executive or committee has to do the work, and the many other things that need to get done get priority.

Unfortunately I cannot attend this meeting, and this meeting will require a secretary on the night. If you’re available please reply below.