General Reminders Aug 2019

Hi Y’all, just another general reminders thread :slight_smile:

Guests: If you are bringing guests on site please make sure you read and understand our guest policy. It is not ok to leave your guest unattended, especially while they’re using tools/machines. Please make sure you’re always supervising them.

Site Security: We have strict site security requirements. If you are the last on site please make sure you lock up properly. If you’re not sure, there’s checklists around various doors and the last few pages of our new members guide outlines the procedure. tldr; make sure everything is switched off and all doors/windows/gates are shut, latched and locked.

Membership Fees: All membership fees are due on the first of each month and should be paid at least 5 business days in advance to ensure they clear and are processed in time. I’ve been a little slack the last couple months with turning off access as I’ve been very busy, but expect your access to be shut off if you have any overdue membership fees and have not worked something out with me.

We’re a community, not a gym: We’re a community workshop that is run by you, our members. You are responsible for cleaning, maintaining cause areas, and contributing back to this community. Please take a few minutes next time you’re in to help organise/clean an area that you may notice isn’t tidy. (ie most of the space!) Most importantly, if you have any junk lying around please throw it out!