General Reminders

Hi all, here are a few reminders about some things that have caught my attention recently:

  • If you’ve made something cool and want to post it to HSBNE’s social media channels (ie our Facebook, Instagram, and website) feel free to take a picture and put it in the #public-photos channel on discord or email it to the exec.

  • You require an active membership to be onsite and using HSBNE facilities, the only exception to this is during an open event or if you’re a guest. Both of these situations do require that you’re supervised by an active member.

  • Active card = active membership, and similarly, inactive card = inactive membership. You can also check your membership status here at any time.

  • Our guest policy can be found on our website here. Please remember that if a guest is to come on site, they must be supervised by an active member. This means the supervising member must stay with them at all times, and cannot wander off and do something else. A good rule of thumb is one active tool per supervising member.

  • Build logs! I’m sure it’s not just me, but I always forget we have a build logs section on the forum. If you’re working on something cool, be sure to post in in there. This lets other members see what you’re up to and often results in some great collaborative ideas and problem solving.

  • We have a wealth of knowledge between our members, and nothing makes for a great community like spreading that around. I encourage everyone to consider running a class for their cause. You’d be surprised how many other people might be interested in learning more about an interest area or skill. It could also be a good opportunity to make a bit of cash. Feel free to reach out to the executive for help on running a class.

  • HSBNE is 100% volunteer run. Don’t expect the executive and other volunteers to be able to immediately assist you, especially on the weekend and at odd times. A polite follow up after a few days is fine, as everyone occasionally forgets things.