General Update

The fledgling Digifab team continues to steadily forge towards formal incorporation by the exec. David (Woofybean) has been busy preparing a proposal and funding request for his plans for the 3D printers, while also updating the various slicer software on the room’s PC. Cameron (obeyedtangent8) has been steadily improving the accessibility of the laser cutters for general members with specific attention to some wobbling in the v-slot rollers in the little laser.

My introduction to the team was attending the initial meeting for the formation of the team. Since then I’ve been hovering around looking for ways to be helpful. I asked about the plans for the layout of the room which brought forward these suggestions…

While we’re settling on that plan I’ve been preparing for any new room layout by collecting up loose stuff that looks like it belongs in a more communal space; stray hand tools, materials etc. I’ve also been doing the legwork on trying to make the EinScan-SE something that anybody can use to generate a 3D model from. For now that’s an ongoing licence file support call with China.

I also want to help out with any wiki improvement work that will help, but I’d like to talk to people from other areas to make sure that whatever I do is coherent with the broader site. Please pull me aside if you’re interested in that kind of thing.