Giant CNC thingy

So on mobile but here is what we have.

4 seemingly working drivers configurable through lust drivemanager on the old pc via serial cable.
I will be attempting to finish setting these up so they work via ttl coms like a giant stepper with step and direction replacing a and b twisted pears. While not best option it is one I am familiar with and we can power it with an arduino for an afternoon for lols.

So wiring wise we will be using X2 and X5 for communication with X1 being motor and X7 resolver.

X2 has the hardware on switch and software setup on in pins 7\8(i think) at moment hard wired to 24V pin 5(again I think) meant to be a 2ms delay for best use between switches.

X5 is the stepper controll can’t remember pins but have a cable out there with some labels from weekend.

So software control thinking emc2(Linuxcnc) and linked up to one of the kiosks for display. It requires a pc with parallel port for coms with the cnc.

will need a breakout to the drivers and endos

Mechanically we still need to couple the x and bridge the two ys.

I’ll be back at Christmas to continue.

Would something like this help?

Willing to purchase to help the build continue… (and make it reliable)


Something like that would be great help. I will hopefully be able to dedicate another day to this project soon.