Giant cnc

Hi all
Having looked at the giant cnc machine I would like to start modifying it so we can get it working.
my ideas are

  1. have it as a dual purpose plasma cutter (steel cutting / spindle (perspex, foam, wood)
  2. have a possible 4th and 5th axis
  3. raise the height of gantry( currently 230mm to possibly 500mm)
  4. dust extraction

I think @seanrmr was working on this it would be great to chat when he has time.
I am more than happy to help or project manage.
I have built my own cnc machine from scratch and know where to get some cheap parts.
If anyone has any ideas or thoughts i would love to hear them.



First thing we need to get done is get the thing moving in three axis. The motor and driver problems have finally been sorted a few weeks ago. I would be against heavy modification to the frame as it currently is without a good reason as it has enough movement in z axis to do sheets also that adds more work before we can get it going.

Currently what needs to be done
Couple the x-axis hopefully find something/make cheaper then this
Install a board to communicate between computer and drivers+endstops (opto isolators have 4N35’s then to 485 with a sp485 for both step and direction signals)
Re-set driver now that we have motor bug fixed to work as step-servos so easier for others to modify in future
Add endstop to Z-axis for Z-min
Make mount plate for spindle

Thankfully uni semester is finally coming to an end this week so my work hours will be more flexible for catching up with people and getting onto this project.

If you can tell me what needs to be fabricated, I’ll make whatever is needed.

I agree with @seanrmr get the thing running as is then modify later if you need to cut anything thicker than the 200mm

One of the major problems with the machine is the belts that drive it are not designed for something with a side load like a router. This will probably just decrease its accuracy but going by past experience the resolver on the servo’s it should be fine.

Keen to help out with this in any way I can. I’m good at following instructions, just ask @rut4ger

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here’s a shaft coupler that we should be able to make on the lathe and drill press.
Just need some ally to work with

Sure anyone willing to make one would be great.

Specs for design that I have listed on my phone.

Motor shaft 19mm diameter
X-axis shaft - 16mm diameter
Max Torque - 2.6Nm
Max RPM - 4000

Strangely enough RS prices don’t seem to bad if we want to buy all the parts for a Jaw coupler from them as it will hopefully be a once off purchase.

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Does seem a lot easier to just buy them, the aluminium I made isn’t up to the job and buying decent stock will be more expensive than just buying them.

1 - maybe you could use a shaft spacer/bushing, to increase the 16mm shaft to 19mm - below is one for $15, but it’s also a very simple part to make

2 - then you can just use a simple straight-through 19mm clamping coupler ( either solid, or flexible, doesn’t really matter, unless your motor is seriously out of wack with the thing it’s connecting to)… Oh, and did you know that a second simple bit of “split pipe” (in this case 19mm ID, not 16) , like the above space/busing, and some appropriately large hose-clamps can do the job too. :slight_smile:

Oh, and you know shaft adaptor/s that you linked earlier with the flexible couplings in it…? you know that the slot/s for these can be made with an end-mill, and or a bandsaw., and the rubber to go in the couplings ( if you want it ) can be something as simple as innertube?

Just to throw it out there, I know some members want to move the giant CNC to allow drive in access to the greasepit from the courtyard. One suggestion was to move it over to where the welders and Karl are living at the moment…

Not quite sure how that will work, but some food for thought while we’re focusing on it.

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its all good the cnc machine is on rollers so it can be moved (with some difficulty)

Now that the big sliding door to the warehouse is kinda broken, we could use the segmented door adjacent to the mega cnc now, then move the cnc to in front of the broken door. That keeps it out of the rain but allows drive-in access to the grease pit.

Hi Guys, what are your thoughts on dedicating tomorrow afternoon to work on the Giant Cnc machine. eg cleaning, wiring and making custom parts.

We can get together after 5 and work for a few hours on it before going to dinner…

Who would be up for this?

Sounds like a good plan. If nothing else at least clean up the warehouse a little.

I won’t be able to make it. Going to a wearable tech talk in the city.

I’m not going to make it either -_-

How are we going on the front of the motor coupler? I’m cleaning up some of the loose/disconnected wiring. By the look of it we could put a smaller 3 phase lead on it to make things a bit more flexible, doubt we have any spare cable to use though.