GPU Wanted

We’re chasing two workstation cards for our Z800 Workstations - one going in Digifab, and one being requisitioned as a new CNC PC. Prefer dedicated workstation GPU’s as it makes the power requirements easier.

We currently have a (very) old Quadro card, however Fusions fails on startup with it as there’s an issue with drivers.

Let me know if you have anything suitable!

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i have a nice xeon workstation board with 32gb of ram and 2 quad core xeons in it plus i can chuck in a couple of nvs 295’s, this setup worked out well for a fusion 360 rig for the longest time i just dont need it any more because i have a new system, if you guys want it ill bring it down to hsbne on Tuesday all it needs is a PSU and case so if you have an eatx case laying around and a power supply your set


That would be great!

no worries, ill bring it down for you

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