Green room electronics part storage

@Dynamite and I were discussing the other night about possible mounting locations for the AED, and it seemed to us that the logical place for it to be located is beside the First Aid/PPE cabinets that are currently on the wall facing the kitchen.

The kicker about mounting the AED in this location is that currently the electronics parts bins are located there. This seems a little inconvenient for the guys using the electronics stations, as well as the mounting heights for some of the bins being less than usable for the vertically challenged among us.

What I propose to do is to move the parts bins from their current location, and relocate them to the bench to the left of the test stations along the carpark wall. To efficiently utilise space, I have designed a frame that will mount the parts bins sideways on drawer sliders, allowing them to be tucked back within the frame when stored, then slid out to allow retrieval of parts. This will also allow free passage of people past while stowed, and as the adjacent bench is typically not used on that side (it’s the smaller dark grey bench at the kitchen end of the two bigger light grey benches), seating positions will not be impeded should someone require parts.

Currently the reflow oven is in the proposed location, but given that this seems to be a very low-use item, I cannot see why it couldn’t be moved onto a rolling cabinet that is stored underneath the same workbench. This would also give us more drawer space in the same rolling cabinet to store the stuff which is currently just lying on the floor.

Attached is a rough sketchup of what I am proposing to build for the bin storage.

The first two sections are stowed, and the third is extended. The frame uses commonly available 70x35mm timber, with 42x19 braces for the runners. In the boneyard there are 5-6 server rack sliders which would be perfect for this application as the SWL isn’t great, but 600mm~ of extension is required. The cabinets that hold the bins can be stacked two deep in this design, reducing the amount of space required for storage. The cabinets will sit on a plate of 12mm plywood, with another on top to hold them in place and reduce deflection of the assembly when extended.

There is an empty space at the far end, which I was contemplating using for storage of rolls of wire/heatshrink/other sundries, but it can be customised to suit.

Thoughts? Opinions? Feedback? All is welcome.

And, yes, I am volunteering to build the thing if materials are supplied.


I dont know the full BOM
But to give you a costing idea
70x35 2.4m $2.75
12mm plywood $31
42x19 donated as i have a stack already

Looks pretty sweet! Nice diagram, and a cheap build too.

All my yeses! That looks awesome.