Hack for the Hackerspace: 18:00 until late, 7th of May

Hack for the Hackerspace!


1800 hours until you fall asleep on your keyboard, Wednesday the 7th of May


The Green Room, Port Hack Campus


HSBNE runs a veritable pile of software, from the teeny ( the HTML5 Camera App ), to the bigger ( Seltzer Member Database ). We want you to come and hack on all the infrastructure that makes HSBNE tick, and at Hack for the Hackerspace we will support you in contributing to anything that takes your fancy.

Want to add spinning gifs to the website? Make the wiki generate QR codes? Make the camera dance, build in a rave mode to our sound system? Make a new theme for our forum or supercharge our blog? Anything you want, we’ll get you started and support you all evening.

What sort of things are there to contribute to?

A short list of things to hack on:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Forum
  • Tool Armoury
  • Welcome Center
  • SNARC Client / Server
  • HSBNE Policy
  • HSBNE RepRap Configurations
  • Seltzer Membership Database
  • Alarm System
  • HTML5 Camera Client
  • HSBNE Space Server Virtualisation
  • PXE Boot Servers / Image Deployment
  • Universal Sound System
  • Camera Recording / DVRs

** Come along and contribute to making the hackerspace more awesome! **

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I’m still coming, but I’m just trying to get my computer to a portable state. If it’s not done by the time I’ve had dinner, I might just come and use a space PC.