Hack for the Hackerspace on 9th April

HSBNE runs a small pile of custom software, from the HTML5 camera client to the SNARC code, vending machines etc.

On the 9th of April from 6:30pm, I’ll be running a hack evening where I will be supporting anyone and everyone to come along and hack on some of our infrastructure. Want to get some practice in with github, polish your git skills, hack on some coffeescript, or get help fixing that thing that really bugs you? Want to add spinny gifs all over our discourse forum or make the wiki have a rave mode? I’ll be there to help you get started and get over any issues you might have.

Come along and learn new skills, strengthen old ones, hopefully learn something and contribute to the code that makes HSBNE tick along. Lets get more people across the systems we run, and support everyone to see an afternoon of hacking about materialise into something real and useful.

If you are a person who maintains a code or infrastructure stack for HSBNE and can make it along as a mentor/supporter, please get in touch with me, as there are some things we run that I’m not really across. (SNARC, Seltzer).

A short list of things to hack on:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Forum
  • Tool Armoury
  • Welcome Center
  • SNARC Client / Server
  • HSBNE Policy
  • HSBNE RepRap Configurations
  • Seltzer Membership Database
  • Alarm System
  • HTML5 Camera Client
  • HSBNE Space Server Virtualisation
  • PXE Boot Servers / Image Deployment
  • Universal Sound System
  • Camera Recording / DVRs

I will try to make it, though a reminder would be nice :slight_smile:

I will also like to go.

I plan to attend this too.

Is anyone driving in from east or south brisbane? I’ll probably need a lift :slight_smile:

sure do you have protective gear :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this open to not-yet members as well?

Yes, open to everyone Sam :smile: