Hackerspace Garden/Street Entrance

Howdy all

I have been thinking about a garden chillout area at the front of the HSBNE grounds to improve our look and give us somewhere to chill.

Still just in idea land at the moment and i wanted to get some feedback and ideas from other members.

I have added a few ideas to this pintrest board.

I really like the firepit swingset, and the recently donated dock timber would be perfect to make this! with some left over.
Also on my todo list is some simple bench seats, planterboxes and oversized chess set.



That looks super cool!

The only requirement I have is.

  • Low Maintenance

I would like to see the final plan and submit it to the landlord.
This would give us a few points toward lease renewal as well!


As soon as my membership as processed i would be more than happy to assist in the making of sawdust :smile:

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Excellent idea @lhovo, we will try and keep it easy to maintain/zero maintenance.

that would be @Dynamite Adam! I will keep people posted regarding plans and project nights/days.

I am hoping the potential garden might peak the interest of some members and new comers alike?

It would be good to have a board on the fence around this area to advertise what we do at the space. we also need some advertising up to let the circus customers know what we are when they are driving out past the front door.

This is something we have been talking to the landlord about.
Assuming we get our lease renewed it could be something we could renegotiate.

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Also you could do some cute solar powered lights on top of the swing frame.

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I’m not sure what that means but since winter is coming a fire pit would be nice :wink:

You can never have enough solar fairy lights!

You all may already know this but I wasn’t sure so thought I would investigate the legality of having a fire pit without a permit to burn each time. The key for us appears to be cooking… so an ample supply of marshmallows or other delicious BBQ’able foodstuffs may be required. :slight_smile:

In Queensland, it is illegal to light a fire in the open without a permit.

Exemptions include:

Fires less than 2 metres in all directions (these fires are not exempt during fire danger periods. During these periods, you must obtain a permit from a fire warden)
BBQs and campfires (for cooking) lit in a properly prepared fireplaces
Certain fires used by primary producers and for industrial purposes.

The other thing that I think would be a great idea is to make sure we have ‘how to firepit’ documented so we can demonstrate when asked that we are taking all the steps we can to be safe. Eg. someone is designated as the ‘cook/warden’ at that time and has a fire extinguisher/bucked of water/sand nearby, keeps a watchful eye on the fire/cooking, what the procedure will be for extinguishing the fire, etc Just my $0.02 , just thinking it is best to be able definitively to say to anyone that raises any questions (eg… Hey is this even legal?! You can’t have a fire here?! ) we have demonstrated our duty of care to our members, neighbours, community and the environment.

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We would actually be exempt from the fire under 2 meters for heat/atmosphere a fire doesn’t need to be bigger than 600mm diameter

…marshmallows… :wink:

Sorry to put a downer on the idea, though there is no reasonsble place we could put a fire pit onsite.

Most if the place is covered in concrete or ashfelt, and everywhere there isn’t it will be to close to utility’s (below the ground) or fence line.

A fire pot maybe a better solution.

…or get a bunch of bricks and lay them flat onto the ground like pavers …and a second layer of bricks to the perimeter to keep the hot wood/ash in… and you have a no - dig fire “pit”… cause nobody likes digging anyway.

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You always want your “fire pit” above ground anyway. Helps with airflow and stops people from tripping into it

The advantage of being below ground historically was that it insulates the embers and reduces their availability to oxygen. The end result is more hot coals last longer, good for both cooking things via radiant heat and relighting the fire in the morning after you bury it. On the other hand since we probably are not aiming to cook anything other than marshmallows, and want to extinguish the fire quickly and properly, so an above ground pit is more fit to purpose.

Shit yes, how about some veggies and herbs in the gardens! Im in!

Love the gardening stuff and making it feel nice!

Unfortunately we can’t grow anything edible out there due to the powdercoating company opposite us.

That doesn’t stop us from growing non-edibles though :smiley:

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Are their plants that will clean the air from the powdercoating company? Even if it is only a small amount?

@jace i get the warm green fuzzies too. @nogthree is right, probably not the best place for edible plants. Maybe we could look into the exact toxins getting about in the industrial area. See what we can do about it?

@catprog I remember reading about this a while back…quick search bam link

Unfortunately plants filtering all the air is pretty hard/impractical/impossible.(can’t believe i had this flashback) You could use a retention tank pond system and a hydroponic wetland to filter water run off from a property (as most airborne stuff settles on the ground or is brought down by rain and washes into the storm water). These systems are used to treat raw sewage with excellent and non-odorous outcomes.

As for plants in the potential garden. I had thoughts of planting hardy and low maintenance flowering plants and vines.
mosquito repelling plants
vines providing good cover (would be potted to minimise crazy vine takeover)
and some Australian natives - because straya

maybe we could go crazy and put in a bird house?

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sunflowers are really good for soil cleaning, they use then to clean radioactive soil IIRC