Hello. Aaron here

My name is Aaron.

I’m about to join because… truthfully, it seems like I’ve always known about this space, and have been wanting to join for years, but until recently I’ve never had the time… and I’d like to introduce myself.

Personal Interests

  • Electronics: Arduino, circuit and PCB design
  • SBC (Single board computers): I’ve got a NanoPi NEO3 that will become an octoPrint server and a NanoPi M4V2 (which is analogous to a Raspberry Pi4) which will eventually interface with a Nvidia Tx2 in some capacity.
  • Computer Vision: I’ve tinkered around the edges of the OpenCV library since 2011, but am still a journeyman
    Woodworking: As handy as a thong - I’ll blame it on the tools
  • Metalworking: 3D printed sheet metal forming, welding, CNC
  • 3D printing: I’ve been doing lots of experiments annealing 3D prints to change their mechanical properties; 3D printing workflows; Modelling for 3D printing, Blender, MeshMixer, Simply3D
  • Programming: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript a little bit of whatever powers an Arduino - is it C++?

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE
I’ve successfully negotiated a year long mid life temporary retirement with my wife, because she is sick of listening to my ideas and complaints that I never have the time to reify any of them. This break won’t be completely by choice in that my job was to teach IT to predominantly mainland Chinese people, but for some reason that I just cant put my finger on, they don’t seem to be coming to Australia anymore. It’s almost as if Australia has closed its borders? /s

So with this precious once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m looking to do three things:

  1. Learn mathematics. Proper maths where numbers don’t cut it so you’ve got to use weird letters like image and image and ⊋. What does it all mean!?
  2. Make the jump from a working knowledge of Python to whatever level is necessary to reduce the anxiety involved in a technical interview
  3. Complete projects at HSBNE that involve 1. and 2. and combinations of personal interests

I am currently:

  • completing a Certificate III in Micro Business Operations with a NEIS (New enterprise incentive scheme) provider and,
  • looking to start a Certificate IV in Electronics and Communications
  • (until December 31st at least) working part time as an IT teacher for a college attached to UQ
  • looking for any temporary, piecemeal, contractual or part time work doing anything that results in acquiring a useful transferable skill


  • I went to USQ (fantastic animal husbandry programs) and got a Bachelor of Spatial Science Technology (GIS) in 2014.
  • 3/4 of a Private pilot license ( I kept flying into military restricted airspace which caused a lot of problems for my instructor, so I took it as a sign that aviation was not for me)
  • I’ve got a HR truck license
  • I have an intermediate command of Chinese Mandarin. 你好

Thank you for reading this wall of text.

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