Help my company Zippy @ the Ekka for a free ticket

Hey all, some of you may be aware that my day job is a startup company called Zippy. This year we are the app of the ekka and its a pretty big deal for us. We really need some help though, getting the word out to visitors during the ekka. We need people to help us hand out flyers for the app. It would really give us a big boost. If you’re interested in heading to the ekka this year, we can offer you a free ticket in exchange for a few hours of handing out flyers.

If you’re interested in helping out, drop me an email @

We have 10 spots available so if you’re interested get in quick.

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What does your company do?

Hi @zach.forrester, what we do is changing but essentially we are a digital loyalty points reward platform, our users earn points when they shop.

For the ekka we’re providing coupons and competitions in the Ekka. You can use our app to get the coupons and find our tablets we have deployed around the Ekka to enter competitions.