Help Needed for tomorrow's interactive wearable tech workshop!

Hi All, If anyone is able to come along tomorrow and give a hand during the workshop let me know!! it would be really appreciated. :smile:

We have currently 3 members helping out : James, Peter and myself, however depending on how many people show up we might not be enough.

I will be providing snacks and soft drinks.

Everyone helping out needs to be at HSBNE starting from 9am :slight_smile:


I will turn up and help, however due to the track closure on that day, I may be a little late arriving (could be up to half an hour before or after the start) and will need to be gone by 4:20pm sharp. Still its most of the day, and I can bring in anything that’ll fit in a back pack, just make sure to tell me before 10pm today as I will need to be out the door at 6:11am to get that train.

Thank you Hamish! I can’t think of anything in particular… Maybe something cool you have to show off :smile:

See you tomorrow :smile:

I’ll pop in and lend a hand where I can too. See y’all tomorrow!

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