Help needed - Hackerspace fundraiser!

Hi all

Kelly here - I have been spending many days and nights at the Hackerspace with the rest of the Wonky Queenslander and effigy crew to get ready for the Hackerspace fundraising party. ALL PROCEEDS ARE GOING DIRECTLY TO HACKERSPACE AND ITS PROJECTS - 50% to the Queenslander and 50% directly to the Hackerspace.

We need help! We’re all working hard but there are still lots of jobs to be done and tickets to be sold. It’s going to be a great party - 5 bands, 4 DJs, a hot tub, big art, etc. But we need people to make it happen!

There is a signup list here and we need names on it so that the Hackerspace can survive! Feel free to add your ideas to the list or approach me if you have any ideas or comments.

Much love



I added an Uber contact to the spreadsheet. That guy hit us up for the relaunch party and offered promo codes for it. Worth a shot…


possibly worth sending out a kickstarter message for all those who back the relaunch campaign, if that hasn’t been done already?

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Anyone else having trouble using the facebook link? I don’t use facebook but I assume it is a public page. I get a facebook page telling me that the content isn’t available right now.

Also… silly question… how do we know which items of the list need assistance? Some have names in some parts but not in the person section.

Hey Nathan, the privacy settings on the FB event only allow friends to invite friends - we did this to avoid being swamped! If you add me on FB I will invite you :slight_smile:

Also, with assistance - we will be down setting up tomorrow night and then from 12 on the day. Any assistance that you can offer on the door or the bar or just generally helping at any time would be great.