Help! Sewing and Cosplay Workshop

Hi guys,
In case you haven’t seen it, the Createatorium is running a workshop on the 12th of April on how to start sewing, or to help you with your current costume project. The idea is there will be different “stations” with tools and tips on costume or prop making ideas. Materials for costumes are not included, just some samples for demonstration. Please bring along materials if you want to work on your own project.

For details check out the facebook event, or Meetup.


Sooo, it seems this workshop will be popular based on Facebook and meetup RSVPs, and I’m going to expand the work area to some tables outside, and also the wood workshop for some prop making with MDF. The big thing I’m lacking now is Volunteers. I’d like to have some Hackerspace members who are inducted on tools to be able to help the guests with things. Even if you’re not a Cosplayer or propmaker, I’ll be there early to show you what we’re planing, or can even come in the day before to get some training in the tecniques. Also, if you have a Cosplay/prop making craft you’d like to make available to the workshop attendees, that would be awesome. At this point I’m planing to have sewing, simple moulding and casting with latex and plaster, MDF shaping for props, spray painting and paint finishes. It would be ideal to have a person available for each of these areas. I’m confident to do any of these areas, and could teach anyone who comes on the Saturday before how to do and teach them.

Please help me! You’ll get free one on one tutoring from me and my gratitude.

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So apparently according to Facebook & Meetup, there may be over 20 people showing up to this workshop… This got big. o.o I think the timing just before Supanova has helped a lot.

Put me down as a helper, but I think you’ll need more than just me to assist you.

I’ll make an effort to be in the space that day, maybe not as a dedicated helper but feel free to call on me.

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