Help using a lathe

Hey all,

I’m from Team Arrow and I need some help machining metal rods with a lathe. If there is anyone that can help me out with that, it would be greatly appreciated.


20mm crush tube.PDF (44.1 KB)
26mm crush tube.PDF (44.2 KB)

Hi Peri,

Do you want access to using the lathes, or did you want somebody to make these for you?

I’ll need someone to make them for me


If you can’t find metal stucco lath, use carbon fibre stucco lath! Now, parge the lath.

What is your budget, and do you have tolerances for the drawing? Are you supplying material?

It’ll need to be an interference fit, probably H7/j6. I’ve got the material ready now, and we don’t really have a set budget. Do you think you could do the machining for us?

In all honesty, with those sorts of tolerances you’re taking a huge gamble with the equipment we have.

I’d outsource to a job shop, expect to pay $250 or so to get it done. Craig Wahlpole @ Extreme Custom Engineering would be the guy to see, however expect a few weeks to wait

It may not have to be that accurate. How accurate do you think it can get with the equipment you guys have?

I don’t suppose you would be at the workshop tonight?

No sorry.

For what you’re asking, you’d be better off asking a machine shop (especially as you want somebody to do it for you, not to learn how to do it yourself).

I’d be happy to learn how to do it myself, but i thought i would require a membership to access the equipment in the workshop?