Help with GitHub

Hi everyone,
So I have been trying to update our webpage to feature HSBNE’s Kickstarter. I have put in a pull request with the code changes, however I work from the web browser and can’t upload an image to
Apparently this is best/only able to be done from Git itself. I’m only learning and am doing this out of desperate need for this to be done immediately. If someone can tell me how to add a .png to our repository, I’d be very grateful.

Else this is the image and it needs to be named carousel4.png.

Hi boo

I see the Kick-starter has a blog post is that what you are after or did you want something else?

I found it easier to have a local working copy of the hsbne website and just edit it with your favorite txt editor. Just make sure you have the same version of software that github uses as that one caught me out once.

Thanks Jimmy. I had already done all the code changes just on github. Apparently I have to use an application to put images into the folder we reference in the html. I’ve only hosted websites from WordPress, so I don’t know how the structure of github actually works.