Help with pc build

So recently I started building an 800$ gaming pc and it’s gone well until today. So today I got the monitor delivered and I hooked it up to the wall voltage and then hooked up a hdmi cable and a dvi cable but the monitor read no signal. I have the input set to hdmi and have a keyboard and mouse plugged in but the computer still reads no signal. I have checked that the video card is in right and that the power inputs are in right and it still isn’t working. Any help at all would be great.

Reset CMOS and plug a monitor into the motherboard.

Check the settings in the BIOS setup.

Only install video card and plug monitor into that once you have confirmed base unit works.

Sounds dumb but check the RAM is in the right slots. Refer to the motherboard manual.

I’ve been caught twice now as AMD typically doesn’t use slot 1A/2A.

If that fails, does the CPU fan spin up?