Help with samsaung lounge tv

A new tv has appeared in the lounge.

I am hoping to use it as a the main one.

My main problem is connecting it up to the consoles.

Does anyone know what connector this is


My second problem is finding a remote for the tv.

I’m guessing (from googling around) that it could be this cable

No idea about the cable. I would probably just use an AV to HDMI converter. The TV was originally from the lounge room, best bet on the remote is it buried in a box in the lounge.

Does this look like the cable that you need?

Yes I think it does

Well, i’ll bring it in on Tuesday; cool?

Sounds good.

A hdmi converter has been installed. Now I will need help mounting it onto the wall

I think i’m your guy Tim. Wanna grab me on Tuesday night, or maybe even Saturday if you’re here?

I can make Saturday

I am thinking this might be the mount to use.

Yeah, i was starting to think that asking for help from the metalshop for a free-standing mount might be safer so that the table could stand on those small book-shelves, but now that i’ve seen your idea for only $40, i think that’s way easier. Good one.