Hey I'm Liam

Hi HSBNE! My name is Liam.

I’ve just joined and moved up here from Melbourne. Heard about hacker/maker spaces on youtube and after a quick Google search, I found HSBNE. I hope to gain some new skills and make some friends here along the way!

So I’d like to introduce myself.

Personal Interests

  • Electronics
  • Woodworking
  • Digifab
  • Programming
  • Bouldering

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE

  • I am really keen on learning how to solder, use 3D printers and work with wood and metal to create some furniture

I am currently

  • Studying a Bachelor of IT at Griffith
  • Working as a Photographer at Leading Image
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Welcome Liam, fellow ex-Mebournite :slight_smile:

Your personal interests cover roughly half of what our space has to offer :joy:

I can get you inducted on the 3D printers if you come in on a Tuesday evening (but please reach out beforehand so I know to expect you!), and soldering is pretty easy to pick up; Half the folks in the space could probably show you how to use one (and there’s no inductions currently required to use them).

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That’s why I think this space is so awesome, it has has everything!!!

I’d be keen to get an induction for the 3D printer next Tuesday night if that possible?

Thanks for responding to my message! :grin:

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Sure thing - sign up here: Bambu Lab X1 Inductions [Members Only] Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

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Hey Brett,
I’m new here too. I’ll come along on Tuesday night as well to save you repeating yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

All good Tom, welcome! See you Tuesday :smiley: