Heya! I'm Ahnika :)

Hi HSBNE! My name is Ahnika. I’m 30, living inner North side with my cat :slight_smile:
Just joined up on Tuesday!

Personal Interests

I am excited to get into woodworking and make some cool stuff!
But the space really provides endless opportunities for the imagination to go wild! Have lots of ideas flowing!
-I love art, cooking, BBQing, gardening, nature and animals! And going to music events like raves and renegade bush doofs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: which occasionally I help out with organising and setting up :slight_smile:
I enjoy swimming and camping, psychological horror movies and books!
I’m pretty basic really. I haven’t got many exciting interests and a history of trying hobbies in the past that I lost interest in quickly (like scrapbooking and sewing haha) I think I’m more in tune with what I’m actually interested in these days.

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE

  • Really keen to learn how to use all the woodworking facilities so I can make some vintage style wooden handles for my 3x charcoal Weber kettle restoration projects I’m working on!
    -Also nice attachable side tables with accessory holders.
    That is how I came across HSBNE! :grin:
    -And I may be able to use the 3D printers for some things relating to them also! (Wheel inserts and tiny hub caps, umbrella mount) etc etc.
    -I don’t have much kitchen storage at my house so I’m hoping to build some shelves for pantry items and appliances
    -I would also really love to learn how to maintain my car better and even make some repairs!

I am currently

Really not doing much with my life! I obviously need to, and am changing that!
No job or study :yawning_face:

  • Looking forward to volunteering with the Social Media Management for HSBNE!


I have:
•Certificate 3 in Mechanical Drafting (autoCAD, revit, illustrator) however it was years ago and I’ve managed to retain zero knowledge thanks to lack of use! Boo!
•Cert 3 and half a diploma in Commercial Arts, applied Interior Design (commercial, residential)
•Short Course in Furniture Restoration (french polishing and the likes) but that was years ago also, I’m excited to refresh those skills I’ve likely forgotten :sweat_smile:
• I have previously worked in events, retail, supermarkets and with dogs at the RSPCA

Can’t wait to meet everyone and get the ball rolling!

I’ve always wanted to get into some proper BBQing but found my abilities never progressed past the eating part.

If you are wanting to learn about car/general mechanical stuff feel free to touch base with the Mechanical Team on Discord/around the space. We’re a small but very approachable group of people who love getting our hands dirty (maybe that’s just me :sweat_smile:) and helping others.

I definitely have a long way to go to become a pit master myself haha. But I’ve been following forums and the facebook pages and the interest is definitely there!
I really want to get into smoking also as I recently got a little Weber Smokey Mountain smoker :ok_hand: yum!

Car wise, I have an 08’ Honda Accord that I have neglected terribly :pensive: has a few issues but thankfully it’s running fine… for now haha.
I would definitely love to learn the basic skills for keeping it running fine so any support there would be fantastic!