Hi, I am a local artist and am looking for someone with skills in the 3D printing process

I am a local artist and have been selected for SWELL Sculpture Festival 2021.
I would like to 3D print some small plastic road barriers (PRBs) various sizes, but I don’t have any software or 3D printing experience.
If someone is interested in a collaboration please contact me.
Russell: 0449976485

Russell, Can you give an indication of how big “small” and “Various sizes” is as well as how many of each size might be likely. That will let people know if they think it is a good fit for 3D printing.

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My proposal is to recreate small( 20mmx10mm) earring and pendant sized Roadside Plastic traffic barriers. This size would be great to make 20 individual blocks.
Also, I would like to create 100mmx50mm versions of the blocks by 20 pieces.
Please contact me if this seems possible and what would by required, photos or cad drawings.
I have a small budget for the creation of these.

Looking forward to hearing from someone to collaborate on this project.

Kind regards,
Russell Solomon

Can anyone please tell me who is the best person for info about 3D printer?