Hi I’m Matt!

Hi HSBNE! My name is Matt.

I’ve just joined because I enjoy making things (mainly woodwork) and I am keen to make some new friends along the way.

Personal Interests
Woodworking - I mainly make things with timber and resin, but really want to learn CNC
Musical Instruments - I play drums and guitar (badly)
Aeroplanes - I work in aviation and occasionally fly light aeroplanes when I’m in a “I hate having money” kinda mood
Games - currently Nintendo Switch and stuffing around with Nintendo 64 emulators
Did I mention coffee - god I love coffee
Teaching - It’s my favourite part of my job

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE
Improve my woodworking skills
Learn CNC (and maybe the laser cutter and 3D Printer)
Make some new friends
Teach what I can - (mainly how to make pretty things with timber and resin)

I am currently

  • Working as an air traffic controller
  • dreaming about working as a cabinetmaker
  • Dreaming about coffee (its now 5:00 am on my second of 3 night shifts)

Anyway! I look forward to integrating into this community. If you see me on site come say hi :slight_smile:


It doesn’t sound like you like coffee. It sounds like you love coffee… this will be the foundation of a brilliant friendship between you and I. What do you drink? I love my espressos.

Show us some pictures of your mad resin and wood work. I have made some cool resin and wood mallets you would probably dig. I’ll dm you some piccies

Well done with the mallet and thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I mainly drink cappuccino’s or piccolos. I also like a good iced coffee in summer.

Here are some of my resin pieces:

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Nice work man. Looks very clean. We have facilities at hsbne which you could use to make larger or more complex work. But if that is your standard of work, it will be on wards and upwards for you :slight_smile:

These guys use more resin. You might like them


When you get your woodshop inductions done, I could show you how to make wooden display/jewellery boxes. Pretty straight forward. My point is it is very easy to used them for resin pours in the lid, as well as the base of the box. They can be super ornate.

Yeah I’m looking forward to finishing off some more inductions. I currently do my woodwork on an inner city apartment balcony so I’m looking forward to being able to work in a proper workshop.

The mallets look great! They would just be decorative though right? I can’t imagine the resin likes being used against a chisel.

Sounds like fun Zac, a little wooden jewellery box sounds like a lovely gift idea for the missus!

Yes. They are decorative. They are made with decent structural integrity, but the resin would ruin on a chisel.

If you want a hand making cool shit, hit me up, Zak Crow in discord.

If coffee if your thing, unfortunately our coffee machines are not currently up to snuff. However as the vending machine stockist J had put some moccona sachets in the machine for sale to hopefully help any cravings. As a non drinker myself I didn’t know which brand is best and if you have any feedback on that topic I’m all ears.

To be honest. I would drink coffee that has been used to degrease bearings. The closer it’s colour to the darkness of my soul the better.

However people often like moccana. But Aldis satchel coffee are also super good and way more affordable.