Hi I’m Ridz

Hi HSBNE! My name is Ridz

I found you on Google and upon visiting found it to an absolutely amazing place.

I’m primarily interested in woodworking and plan to start by making some study desks for my kids. I started to do a little bit of woodworking before moving to Australia 2 years ago. I had to sell most of my gear and kept a few hand tools. I was looking for a workshop with some machines that allowed casual users when I found HSBNE.

I’m also looking to expand my knowledge of 3D printing. I have my own 3D printer at home but would appreciate some tips on using design software. The 3D scanner is a real bonus!

I’m very busy with work and have two super active boys at home. My wife is pretty supportive of me trying to develop my hobbies however I still have to balance my time at home, work and personal time.

Hi Ridz, welcome. I try to make it on Tuesday nights because that’s when there’s usually a lot of people in. I might see you there one Tuesday night?

Yes. I’m looking at making some time to attend in Tuesday’s. But I cannot predict what time I finish work at the moment.