Hi! I'm Alyssa

Hi HSBNE! My name is Alyssa

I’ve just joined because I keep collecting hobbies and it’s starting to take over my house… Not fun navigating lots of hobbies when you have a cat who moonlights as a vandal/menace to society… So, it’s time to move up in the hobby world, and take my crazy creativity outside my loungeroom…

So I’d like to introduce myself.

First. It’s pronounced Aleesha. Yes. I know. it’s not spelled that way. There’s a whole story. If you really want to know, feel free to ask!

I’m a lover of all the things. All the hobbies. I want to try all the things. If I don’t, how will I chase the dopamine. But also, learning new stuff is fun!

I collect weird stuff, and want to create weird stuff. I want it so that every time you look at a wall in my apartment, you notice something different.

I’d love to try my hand at wood working, leather working, painting (abstract, alcohol ink, acrylic etc - already do this, but always trying new things!), knife making, jewellery making, pottery, maybe 3D printing of like… handy things… all of the things.

What else?
I work in marketing - you might know my work from Cooper Tires, Mickey Thompson Tires and maybe Terrafirma Tyres (don’t come at me about the spelling of tyres - I know). But I currently work for a company that builds medical software - as well as my own freelance stuff. Though i’m currently building that up too, so I can just do that.

ahhh… I am eclectic AF and I have ADHD (combined - dunno, still working this out), so if i’m learning something, I will ask you alot of questions. and probably repeat the questions. I may also get distracted. I don’t mean to. But I am working on it. o.O. I promise. Just means that i’ll learn the things, do the things and then go back to the Craftpunk rooms like the exhausted introvert that I am. If I have headphones in, it’s because I am probably trying to concentrate or my brain is going very, very fast and I need to slow it down. If you wanna say hi and i’m wearing headphones, just wave at me first, so I know :slight_smile: I promise I will say hi.

Hmm. i’ve got like have a Library tech. diploma (might be called something else now). I’ve got a business degree (who doesn’t, they basically hand them out at QUT in their info packs) - but I specialised in a niche (while also very broad kind of) Marketing. Have questions about websites, social media, or other marketing stuff? send em my way! I’m a marketing nerd and will probably talk to you for hours about it. I love helping people with their marketing.

I’m keen to volunteer my time etc to jazz up the social media spaces. Keen as mustard even. and happy to volunteer my time with organising stuff and whatever else is needed.

I really am an introvert. Even if i don’t type like one, or come across like one. but i promise i’m friendly - just supes awkward hahahahahahahahahaha

Welcome! I look forward to seeing you around.

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Hi Alyssa

I can certainly help with the leather work, and wood work to some extent. So if you want help with that stuff just reach out! I do wnjoy the concept stage of how to make something and what tools tobuse ect.

There are some really good leather and woodshops around thatbibcan recomend for materials.

It sounds like we havw a similar sense of decore! Mine is basicaly lots of things that look unique and weird, and dont match!

Anywasy, hit me up if i can help with anything

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I might hit you up for some marketing advise for a writting hobby i have too :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! I’m a marketing nerd, always feel free to come pick my brains!

Haha yeah. My goal is to have every space something where every time you look at it you see something different.

I like to think of the theme as a technicolour nightmare funhouse. My future prinects should eventually show what that means.

Ooohhh new places for me to buy things. Yes plz.

You two mr adorable spider!

Great to see you sign up! Thanks for the chat the other night, keen to see you on tuesdays :smiley:

Welcome to the space - I’m also relatively new and already feeling very welcomed by people. Seems to be lots to get up to here.

I’m also extremely eclectic and joined not just to do my own projects but to meet people and learn new things from them. If you have unusual “things” underway here I’d be delighted to look in.