Hi I'm Chris

Hi HSBNE! My name is Chris.

I’ve just joined because I’ve previously been involved with hacker spaces elsewhere in the world and another member (Aiden) prompted my brain that HSBNE is there. I lack some tools to do some things I want to do in the near future so it’s a perfect fit.

Personal Interests

  • Computing (also day job), especially AI/ML but also pretty much everything
  • Electronics
  • Forging
  • 3D printing
  • Drones, robots and automation
  • Painting and sculpting
  • Gaming
  • I have a tendency to start random projects

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE

  • I’d love to learn to weld and more on laser cutting
  • I tend to just learn by osmosis and absorb knowledge from around me

I am currently

  • Working at Precisely as a Principal Data Engineer, I make and process maps, satellite imagery and do all kinds of prediction on geodata.


  • Masters in Computer Science (specialised in ML)
  • I am addicted to MOOCs
  • No recent tickets but once upon a time I was allowed on building sites (pretty sure everything I’ve ever had has lapsed)

Things I know a bit about and can help others with

  • Programming all of the things
  • Devops, software security, some hardware and physical security
  • Build systems and process automation
  • Some deeper knowledge on 3D printing and printer design/optimisation
  • Reverse engineering and design from first principles
  • Gardening and irrigation
  • Outsourcing and dealing with parts suppliers
  • Open Source (licencing, going dual commercial, hunting down thieves and infringers, ask me about how much I don’t like Oracle for stealing my code and writing)

I have some plans at the moment for some house hacks. After that probably some crazy costume stuff with LED “neon”. I’m also looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making.

Hey buddy

Funny that. I just bumped in to Aiden on my ride home yesterday. He was loading up his Ute legaly, in a place that definitely wasn’t a bus stop.

Sounds like you can do and want to do lot of things. I look forward to seeing what you produce at hsbne. I am very much hand and eye, having not used a single measurement on the majority of my projects. Eg grinding a hammer till it “looks good”. So it will be great to see what you produce with a totally different skill set!