Hi I'm Dan

G’day HSBNE! My name is Daniel Field / Dan.

I’ve just joined, having been interested for the past 4 years but never quite getting around to it. I’d like to introduce myself.

Aviation & aerospace, music making, figuring out how stuff works, creativity & design, business & startups.

Noo skills
I’m aiming to pick up welding skills, improve my digital fabrication skills, and try a few new things like maybe sewing my own clothes and learning how to bash hot metal.

I started off as an avionics technician before moving into engineering. I’m currently working as a communications engineer in a position related to Air Traffic Control. That gig will be ending in late June 2021. After that I’m aiming to have a red hot go at a business/startup idea that I’ve been working on in my spare time for the past 18 months, relating to high-altitude airships.

Pretty much just the old Avionics trade qualification, the BEng for engineering and some related engineering registrations. I’ve also recently submitted a thesis for a music MPhil that involved using Python to code a kind of jazz improvisation bot.

I really admire the excellent culture that you’re (we’re) striving for at HSBNE. People have been very welcoming. Looking forward to making use of the facilities an meeting lots of creative and interesting people.

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