Hi i'm Josh!

Hi HSBNE! My name is Josh, also known as Bikemad on various parts of the internet

I’ve been meaning to join for some 12 months, and finally got my ducks in a row and came along to an open night…

Personal Interests/hobbies

  • Bicycles (avid rider, mechanic by trade, my entire life revolves around bikes)
  • Metalwork - have taught myself to TIG weld, own a mini-lathe and a small home shop, many other hand skills to build my own bikes(are you picking up a theme.,.)
  • 3D printing
  • Podcasts - machining, manufacturing, business, bikes… thoroughly enjoy learning things!
    *Cars - please talk my ear off about V8’s :wink:
    *Drums - avid player and huge lover of any music genre

Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE
*Super keen to learn more about CNC processes both in metal and plastic(lasers look super useful), as well as having access to “real” sized machine tools.
*Keen to connect with people who know stuff and things about metal work, looking to learn as much as make
*Maybe help people do more with Bicycles? Did I mention they are the best mode of transport ever?

I am currently

  • Working as a Brand Manager at a cycling/fitness wholesale company
  • Work/volunteer at various bike shops on weekends


  • Bicycle Mechanic
    *Can do a wheelie/sic mono
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Hi Josh, Keen to hear more about bike making. I would love to make a bike myself one day.

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I get the feeling you’re into unicycles? dunno, hard to tell haha

We can def talk about v8’s sometime, i have a Jaguar XJ8 XJR308 '98, a supercharged V8. However i havent driven it for the entirety of covid due to being too busy to do the necessary work to fix some of the internal issues.

If you’re into metal work we have some super duper talented people. In no particular order, @Ryan1 @Zac_Crow @Zanshin @wixted @Eris @reatek66 @LincolnP @MoltenAluminium and they just keep coming, we had a lovely woman who’s a professional welder sign up just recently.

If you want to learn about CNC, @MoltenAluminium @Eris @Ryan1 @Ale_More @Ryan2 are all great to talk to. For 3d printing, @classicsnail is the guru, but theres lots of interested people, like myself, @andrewm and @Siridar.

If you think theres any cool bike related events we could do at HSBNE lets talk about it! Maybe getting in cycling groups for maintenance/mod days? Or teach people how to maintain and fix common issues? Or getting super fancy and a class on how to make a bike frame (geometry etc). bonus points for actually making one either by welding or composites lol.

I know we have flipside circus moving in next door sometime 2022 (early? who knows) and they want to partner up with us and they mentioned that they do quite a lot with making custom bicycles and related contraptions for their shows. Might be some great collab there.


  • I cannot do a wheelie or sic mono :frowning:
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@andrewm definitely feel free to pick my brains! I can guarantee there is no greater feeling than pedaling a machine you designed/welded yourself!

@devians 1wheel 2 wheel 3 wheel 4? Any wheels are better than no wheels right?
Appreciate the intro’s to the metal work team, I’m keen to find some time to get inducted on the larger machines, I’m getting the impression @Ryan1 is the best person to talk to?
Very keen to pass on knowledge of wheeled machines to others, so will definitely hit you up once i’ve found my feet

Kinda keep thinking about splitting the rear triangle and add a rohloff specific dropout to my Surly LHT.

I also keep wondering if it won’t just be easier to get some tube and start from scratch with a new frame.

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Hey Josh! If you want to get into machining and make full use of the metalshop, I’d recommend you start off with signing up to weekly inductions. They run weekly on a 4 week cycle to cover the main machines so you can get them all checked off within about a month. They are a prerequisite for using most of the machines. Click here to see the inductions. There’s no formal induction for the YAG laser or CNC mill. The laser is pretty simple but has a few quirks. For the CNC mill usually someone experienced will show you how to use the controller. Most CAM work needs to be self taught because there’s far too much content for our volunteers to train. Once you do some supervised cuts then you’ll be allowed to use it autonomously.

Hey Ryan, Thanks for the link to Inductions, have already signed up for as many as I can :wink:
I’ve been playing around with CAD/CAM in Fusion for a while now, so once I find my feet on the manual mill I’ll get in touch to arrange some supervised time on the CNC

You like coffee. I like coffee. That’s all i need to know. Because we’re friends now :grinning:

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