Hi - I'm Michael :)

Hi HSBNE! My name is Michael

I’ve just joined because some random dude told me about the place, and I’d like to introduce myself.

It’s taken me over a year to find my way here due to well… life :slight_smile: ; I’m a retired (young though!) Veteran who left a career I loved due to permanent injuries. Getting past that has taken a minute. I still love working with my hands and need more time around good people - so I took steps and now I’m hoping to build momentum creating an opportunity here. I used to be the most determined and driven person in any room but more recently my resilience has been a benchmark for sh#te … so I’m hoping to get involved in some interesting things and

Airbrush Art - I’ll paint lots of stuff from PC’s to vases and a traditional canvas. I also do spraygun work.

Computers/tech: I love playing story based games that make me think and group games online as a means of staying in touch with some of my mates around the globe. Strategy and whatever will keep my mind active.

I design and build custom water cooled computers. Know my way around windows, a bit of Unix and a noob with macs. Overclocking and other fun things.

Sim-Rigs - flight/driving sims lots of fun! The evolution of my setup at home has become a hobby haha.

T-Slot Extrusion (8020 and other names). I have a lot of experience using this extrusion system to create all sorts of things.

Cinema / Hi-fi. Audio reproduction, managing room behaviour with audio and system design. Speaker design I’m getting into as well which draws on my formal education as you will see below.
Car audio somewhat included here doing subwoofer design and fabrication or managing vehicle NVH.

Personal Development & Volunteer groups for Veteran’s. I list it as a hobby because I am my own project and in a big way have been attentive to researching (actual evidence not google!) social sciences, psychology, medical sciences, Civil and Military Law, all with the grand intention of getting myself mentally and physically back together. It grew as a hobby running some volunteer communities for other Veteran’s and doing Medico-legal consultancy in forensic cases where I someone is being shafted; Helping individuals in a tough place get a fair go really.

Woodworking: I just love working with wood and really wish I had a good size airconditioned shed at home to have my own workshop! Much of my furniture at home is made or modified by me.
I also do metalwork but with less skill. Knowledge aplenty… not so much experience.

3D printing - woeful at CAD and need to grow that skillset, yet really enjoying the printing side where I can apply a good bit of my engineering brain on materials and ideas. I own a Prusa printer.

COFFEE!!! I love all things coffee and am into the making of it more than drinking I think. I don’t drink much anymore so I transferred a love of wine making to coffee making. My best friend and I constantly try new toys or beans. Roasting will be the next step.

Cooking - I once was an apprentice chef. Have also worked at McDonalds and generally like cooking… more so for guests!
Investing/Stockmarket and trading
Reading/literature. I’ve a good way with words and writing. Language fascinates me.
Medicine and research. Particularly sleep medicine is an interest area I wish to undertake research and publish papers (have some cool ideas).
Material science
Politics / social sciences
Gardening - pot plants and small lot gardens more particularly
Construction techniques/architecture
Hiking/camping/ wilderness
Instrumental music - Hans Zimmer, string quartets here in town, orchestral, saucy burlesque shows.

Building my own brand and business through Amazon. I’ve put a huge amount of time into this but didn’t launch due to “Life stuff” and parked my company. I’m modestly approaching it again aiming to step it up in my priorities around June.


Things I am looking to learn or do at HSBNE

  • Learning and meeting people. Hopefully make some friends be it just here or that grow beyond HSBNE.

  • Teaching/volunteer support to aid in the above goal.

CAD/CAM (CNC and Laser). I want to be able to design - model, simulate, and produce… at least for CNC here and my 3D printing. Due to my disability, I see CNC as a way to have precise foundation work done for projects I can then finish (eg veneering and inlay work etc) within my physical limits
I have been struggling with my self-learning of Fusion 360 and similar programs and would enjoy a mentor or tutor to help along the way through my own projects or theirs… or even just straight up tutoring.

  • General woodwork and Metalwork.
  • Airbrushing and painting artwork. I have all of my own gear, it’s more about having an environment I can.
  • I had thought I’d like to get into something like the Team Arrow project.

I am currently
Retired in my previous career and finding what will be next for me.


  • Soldier and Military Officer. A tonne of quals that are not worth listing here on that front.
  • Professional Engineer + Honours - avionics, electromagnetic Environmental Effects (Conducted and Radiated Emissions)
  • Dental Surgeon;
  • Fellow of the Australasian College of Dental Surgeons;
  • Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in Management, Logistics, Writing/English
  • First Aid;
  • Basic Welding qual from Ipswich Tafe (not a formal qual, weekend type course). Mig/Stick welding.
  • OH&S, Ergonomics, Radiation Safety Officer, Range Officer. Certificate level quals that I’ve not attended to renewal of over time.

Might be other quals that are relevant and I’ll edit them if they come to mind.

Hi Michael

I have the deepest respect for all veterans and military personal, I certainly dont know all the details of what makes hsbne work, but i would love to help where i can.

Im good with alot of the machines we have here, and have made a very broard variety of things over time. Schemeing and planing for concepts of what to do and how, is something i enjoy doing with other members.

Coffe is a big part of how i express my love for life, and i am always up for a chat! Why dont we catch up at the space some time, have a chat and scheme future projects.

P.s. i live on a disabilities support pensions, though the origins may be diferent, i am all too familiar with living with various disabilities, conditions or injuries.

Hi Zac - I really appreciate you reaching out at a time when I’m new, perhaps a little uncertain and needing to maintain my excitement/motivation through the rough period of inductions, and general lack of familiarity with the people and place.

I’d be delighted to meet up for a brew at the space and to learn a little of what you have experienced there and have going on :).



I am in most of friday if thats suitable?

I like that suggestion. I may be able to bring a thermos of fresh espresso in during the morning hours?
What times do you normally spend onsite?

Normaly between 8 and 2. Some times earlier, but rarely later.

Fresh esspresso. I’ll be there :grinning: probably at the forge. If i neither hear nor see ya, get into my visuals :grinning: not that ill be up to much mischief, but I’ll be weilding a long piece of metal you probably dont want in your eye :crazy_face::rofl: