Hi, looking for some help

Hey everyone,

I am a new member here after being referred to this group by John from free robotics. I have a Herbie replica and would like to ad some robotics to it for at car shows and stuff. Things I would like are remote control of the horn, lights and wipers. Also a couple of water pumps and anything else we can come up with. While I am handy with most things I have no idea about this stuff and am looking for someone to help get the project going. Obviously willing to pay and appreciate any help.

My email is Marc.shearman@gmail.com

Thanks heaps.

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Sounds interesting. You should come in on a Tuesday (open night) and come see the space. I’m sure if you brought your car in too you might have a few people interested! There are a lot of members here with the knowledge to help you with something like this.
TLDR: Come have a look, consider joining, use all the equipment to make what sounds like an awesome project :slight_smile:




Thanks for the reply!! I currently live out west but am moving back to brisbane in June and would really like to come and check it out!


Ah, another movie car! I don’t have much skill with remote wireless activation, but I just finished wiring this thing up on the weekend and I’m positive some of our members would have the knowledge to assist you. Drop by when you’re in town!

Definitely come along on a Tuesday!

I’d probably suggest something like http://www.banggood.com/4-CH-Receiver-Transmitter-Wireless-Remote-Control-Switch-12V-315MHz-p-917213.html or http://www.banggood.com/12V-4CH-Channel-315Mhz-Wireless-Remote-Control-Switch-p-960985.html as you can straight wire everything into those screwable terminals :smile:

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That deloren is so cool!!

I will order one of the wireless remote thingos! That is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks heaps.


Please bring the car when you come along!

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