High Altitude Balloon - CASA regulations

I’m doing a High Altitude Balloon up here in Cairns (ok, so a bit far from Brisbane) and I’ve noticed server topics for HAB in the past, so I thought I might post here.

The balloon I’m sending up is probably best classed as a ‘Medium’ Balloon and as per CASA regulations one needs to provide:-
** 7 The balloon’s SSR code or NDB frequency, and its Morse identification

Does anyone have an idea on what this is?

For those interested, I am quite a long way through the project, thought I’ve had many teething issues. I started not long after the Eclipse of 2012, but hoping for a November launch this year.

http://leederville.net/hab is where I’ve been documenting the project as I go along.



Its probably best off if you go and see them they have an office near you
at the airport

Ground Floor, Airport Administration Centre [AAC],
Caudron Avenue,
Cairns Airport QLD 4870

Fax: 07 4042 3600

ahhh yes.
Actually I recognize one of the names of the people in that office with some correspondence I got about a year ago on this.