Higher End 3D Printer Parts

I have around a thousand bucks worth of some higher end 3D printer parts that I bought for a project I’ll never finish - my loss is your gain. I’ll eventually put up some of the other stuff I’ve got, including a CNC machined 300x300x9.5mm cast aluminium bed with a choice of a 240 or 24v heater.

None of these have been used in a printer, and the only thing that’s not original is where I replaced the RAMPS polyfuses with a wire link.

Panucatt Re-ARM 32 Bit Controller

5x SD5984 Drivers w/ heatsinks

Mini Viki LCD + steel mount

RobotDyn RAMPS 1.4 board

Currently these are for sale for $110USD + shipping (and you don’t get the fancy mount for the screen). I am wanting $90AUD for everything