Hole Saw

Hey all,

Does any one have a 80mm hole saw I could borrow for 3 holes in chipboard?


80mm is an odd size, generally you have 73mm, 83mm, 86mm. No idea why the sizes are what they are but depending on your needs you may be able to use a common size, in which case literally $12 from bunnings for a 9 unit set that works perfectly on chipboard and MDF… just won’t last long on actual timber and won’t even try on steel.

If its only the 3 holes you need you could also cut them with a jigsaw (or in chipboard or jibrock, just about any hand tool with an edge).

Regardless at that size in those materials, you’ll want to target 170 rpm, so defiantly low speed on a hand drill. If you end up using a regular bi-metal or anything that can cut harder a materials, lift it often so it can clear the chip, as they have finer teeth than a wood hole saw.