Hollow bolt pair

(Blufires) #1

Somebody (can’t remember who) was looking for these the other day and couldn’t work out what they are called. I’ve looked into it since I need them for my wallet project also. It turns out they’re usually referred to as book binding screws or barrel nuts.

(Hovo) #2

I think that was @devians, they also go by the name of sexbolts according to our dear friend @Lemming

(Karl Richardson) #3

Seems legit, lets all call them that.

(Joshua Hogendorn) #4

It was me :smile:

I want a pile of them for use in the armoury project. Preferably countersunk and metric, but I’m having real difficulties finding a source for them. Have you found one?

(Blufires) #5

If you need a few as samples, Plastics Australia up at Nundah Villiage have them for the insanely high price of $1.60 each. I’ve bought 4 to see if they’re what I want, so I’ll bring them tonight. No reasonable discount for buying 200+. I couldn’t find them much cheaper than $0.80 anywhere in Australia. I’m in contact with a supplier from Alibaba which advertises MOQ of 1000 and maximum price of $0.028 USD per pair. I’ll be looking at buying 1500 of them in 12mm shaft length.

(Thiện Lieutenant) #6

Thank you very much, for the name.

(Brendan Halliday) #7

These are also known as Chicago Screws, for anyone looking.