Hosting Brisbane Browncoats

Hi guys,

This Sunday HSBNE will be hosting The Brisbane Browncoats get together (they are a Firefly fan club). They will be guests of mine and we will be using the Classroom to play games. I will ask all guest to remain in the foyer area/classroom, so there shouldn’t be any interruptions to anyone working at the space.

If anyone wants to join, you are of course welcome! I hope all the Browncoats feel very welcome, as I think it would be good advertising for the space to make friends within the geek community. So far it has already expanded our exposure to 70+ people who otherwise didn’t know we existed.

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It’s not U day so it should be fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Boo,

What time was that on Sunday?

Sorry Don, I missed your message :frowning: