Hot water (chasing gas instantaneous or solar)

So it’s been brought to my attention that our current lack of hot water is not ideal when people need to shower.

Looking for some flat panel hot water panels or an instantaneous gas system to replace/supplement the current system. If anyone has some/spots some, please let us know.

There are those (induction?) solar tubes in the Chem Lab, could they be useful?

Who uses the showers?
Just trying to get a idea if it’s worth pursuing for showers

@nogthree In their current state, not really. They need heat pipes to run inside them.

@lhovo Not many people at the moment because it’s freezing but it’s handy on the odd occasion. Hence an instantaneous gas heater would be great, just whack it there and it fires up on the odd occasion someone uses the shower. No energy waste like a storage system, and reasonably simple to implement.

Yes, dem solar tube things in the chemlab. @Hayden wanted to install them but never did.
I guess, if you don’t mind slightly licked cookies, that one’s still in the jar…

Hay, when did the hot water system give up the ghost? Last I knew it was awesome…
Non of the less, if someone wants to use those solar tubes for a hot water system then that is much better than any current plans.
Also, the solar tubes are getting dammaged simply because some people steal bits or accidently chip them. Its been only little bits of damage but over a rather long time. They are still in mostly good order.

Again, feel free to use them for any project that will stay at the space. But there will be a few things you will need to make to actually set them up as a hot water system. Its doable for sure! But who ever does it is advised to plan it out first and not jump in head first.

It didn’t die, it was turned off to save power.

how about a coin op instantaneous?
i see them at caravan parks all the time. you want a hot shower, drop in $1

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Sounds like a great idea!

Draft up some proposals with costs and how it will be implemented and bring it up at the next meeting.

Just putting my hand up as one of the people who’s been using the showers… they actually aren’t too cold in the afternoon as we have masses of pipe under the concrete, but its still a pain that outside of those hours your in for a cold experience. In fact I’m willing to put forwards that I chickened out on Saturday and actually borrowed Jace’s shower, which is a little bit dumb when you think that I was physically at HSBNE, which has an entire shower\hot water system in place, and going to a location closer to HSBNE than Jace’s house. So thanks again to Jace, but its a shame there wasn’t a working solution in place.

I think if we sorted out a system that actually works far more people would (should?) use the showers than do… no this isn’t a grip about anybody’s hygiene, but a great many things at HSBNE are messy or even not great for your health with long exposures, for example most cutting process’s make fine particle dust hazards and most machinery uses grease or oil. As it is people are roughly brushing themselves off, but they’d be far better off limiting the amount of that stuff they absorb\spread into their cars and homes by cleaning off afterwards. But even for non-hazardous sources there is plenty of cases where you “should” shower, like when I did the 3d printing build for the last Brisbane supernova I was biking into HSBNE in the mornings… I may not be the fittest person in the world but honestly without a shower most people are going to stink pretty bad after physical exercise so it sucked that there wasn’t hot water.

I don’t mind the idea of coin operated, just as long as only the hot is controlled (thus if somebody tries to use the HSBNE shower as an emergency shower there is still water). For refernce on gumetree there are instant hot water systems starting at like $70 bucks…