How to utilise Discourse as a Mailing List

(Joshua Hogendorn) #1

Discourse supports being used as a mailing list. Here’s a quick guide to get started.


  1. Click on your preferences

  2. Enable these email settings

Done! This will give you every email as it arrives. You can tweak your settings if you prefer to get the digest.

Creating New Topics

The general category is the only one enabled for this currently. We don’t have mailing list new topics for any other categories just yet at the moment, but will on request. Think of each category as a separate mailing list.

Send your email to:


Above the line replies only, no inline replies or below the line replies. If you wish to use discourse’s advanced quoting, its currently only availble through the web interface.

Important Usage Notes

  • Do not sign your posts, you will be moderated for doing so.