HSBNE at Brisbane Supanova

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this one (if not, let me know), but I have been in contact with G from Supanova in regards to the space having a presence at this year’s BrisNova.

Yes he did get the email in regards to the laser cut trophies, but was waiting on something from another department in regards to the production of the trophies; this should hopefully be back to us within a couple of days from now.

We also have pencilled in two panel slots over the course of the convention, one on either on Friday and Sunday or Saturday and Sunday (will confirm what days we have been allocated), and are more than open to ideas in regards to panel content.

Finally, we are also looking at a booth for us to show off what we have and what we do. I will be unable to assist at the booth as I will be busy with helping to keep the show running, but I’m more than certain that we can have a few people come and show off their projects, as long as they’re not too big or too flammable :slight_smile:

So this is where we stand at this moment in regards to BrisNova.


I will ensure we have cast aluminium trinkets to sell or give away. If anyone wants to help with that, let me know.

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I volunteer to help out anyway I can just let me know how I can help.

Alrighty, we had a meeting a fortnight RE this and came up with a list of things we absolutely need and things that would be nice.

Banners (Ordered)
Things to show off
Milk Crates
Wooden Spools (To be converted into tables)
Kits of things to sell
Workshop ideas

A picture book of things people have made at HSBNE for people to flip through.

I’ll handle the laser cut plaques, am just waiting on the designs.

Anything else people would like to show off, bring? Would anyone be interested in running short 3-4 people workshops in the stall over the weekend?

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