HSBNE at Oz Comic-con

Definitely Happening:

I wanted to tell people about the workshop that Chang-yi and I are running at Oz Comic-con. We are running it under HSBNE’s name and it’s called 3D Printing for Cosplay. We have most of this under control, but I might ask people for a hand if we need help.

Could Happen:

One of the organisers called me today to tell me how cool he thinks HSBNE is and that he love that we are reaching out to the cosplay community (and the other stuff we do too). He thought it would be great if we could have a stall somewhere at the show so people can follow up and see all the cool stuff we do. He put us on a wait list for the cheaper artist alley table, but suggested that we could try teaming up with another (richer) organisation who could share a full size stall, or even sponsor us to pay for a full size stall.

I think we can totally pull together some sponsors, and Chang-yi and I have ideas for things we can sell at the stall to bring in money. Sponsors could be small companies that we will stock some of their products at the stall and list them as a sponsor for $200 or major sponsors will get big headings on the walls for $500 (plus stocking their product).

I can attack this on my own, but I think this could be great for us and would appreciate other’s input.


Would be vary happy to try and help with the sponsorship side of it.
any ideas on who you would like approached?
also how much are the stalls?
Full and small

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Awesome, thanks @Dynamite. I have not yet made a list of people to try approaching, so I’m open to ideas. I will speak to the exec on Tuesday to confirm how I should go about this. The large stalls are $1500 roughly D:

I know the team that runs Deer and Fox - They 3D print pots for tiny plants. They could be interested, and it would be very relevant to the stall!

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Going to have a go at calling dremel tomorrow. They are launching a turnkey 3d printer hoping they might want to take the opportunity to showcase it and send us one as well as a cash sponsorship for the stall.

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