HSBNE Cleanup Day - 23rd August 10am

Calling all hackers!

The space is starting to look a bit shoddy, so lets have a group cleanup day! 3 weeks from now is Saturday the 23rd of August, as good a day as any :smile:

I’m going to grab a budget at the next meeting for covering the cost of some cleaning gear and some sausage sizzle supplies so those that rock up can have a free lunch. You like free food don’t you?

I will also be red ticketing pretty heavily over the next week so we can relocate unowned items on the cleanup day. So make sure that your Parking Permits are up to date! If you can move your projects to your members storage, or even take them home, please do so!

See you all there at 10am sharp, Saturday 23rd of August at HSBNE Port Hack

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Is this a members only cleanup day or all hands on deck? I’m willing to come help out, I’m just not a member yet.

Everyone is welcome, if you want to come give a hand I will do everything in my power to enable you to do so :smile:

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Hey All :smile:

We had a small turnout but work got done so thats a success in my book! I was late in, for which I apologise. I’ve taken some notes for better organisation in the future around these things so its onwards and upwards :smile:

Thanks again to those who turned up!