HSBNE Digital Keylocker

So this build log is to document the development of a keylocker that authenticates whoever is accessing it and then reports which keys are taken.

Right now, the plan is to take a case like this:

Add an electric fail-secure lock like this:

And then using a Sonoff SV and a daughterboard for it to handle the inputs track the insertion/removal of keys much like @ian.kerr.redmond’s current implementation.

I’ve put forward budget for the next meeting to support the development for this, because we’re finding ourselves needing it more for things we can’t easily put a door controller on (Gas cage, etc).

Over the past week I’ve been working on pulling together all the bits for this.

The flap of the old letterbox has been removed after drilling out the side retaining the hinge shaft and a blank of 8mm acrylic cut to go in it’s place.

A gland for power in and an emergency unlock keyswitch are now on the side.

A piece of 3mm aluminium has been riveted to the front and the solenoid locking loop riveted to it.

The next big challenge will be mounting the solenoid lock to the case. To be continued…